Getting Started

Muzzle Run: A Diverse Play-to-Earn Blockchain Sports Platform

Welcome to Muzzle Run, an innovative multi-sport platform leveraging the power of blockchain technology on the Polygon Network. Our journey began in 2022 with a groundbreaking launch of the first 3D Greyhound racing game, pioneering the use of NFTs in digital sports gaming. This exciting venture allowed players to own, train, and race in their very own NFT Greyhound kennel.

Expanding our horizons, we introduced Whippets to the mix, further diversifying the gaming experience. In November 2023, Muzzle Run took a significant leap forward, evolving into a multi-sport platform with the exciting announcement of our football (soccer) game. Each sport within the Muzzle Run universe offers a unique play-to-earn experience, bringing together gaming enthusiasts and blockchain technology in an unprecedented way.

These docs will guide you through the different gameplay options. If you have any questions you can contact our support team by emailing or join the official Discord by clicking here.


  • Sign up for an account at and choose a kennel name. As Greyhound racing was our breakthrough game, all accounts start off with a racing kennel.

  • Install Metamask and add the Polygon network

  • Add hounds to your kennel by minting a Breeder which you can then use to breed a Racer or purchase a hound on the secondary market OpenSea

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