Tournaments are a schedule of free races that award Matic based on a predefined set of conditions. You can find a list of current, scheduled and past tournaments in the tournament tab from the left hand navigation menu.


Some tournaments require hounds to meet certain qualification requirements in order to enter a tournament. The qualification criteria can be found by clicking the tournament name inside the tournament lobby. Criteria is normally communicated by email several days before the tournament starts.


Muzzle Run hosts several invitational tournaments throughout the year to award our most engaged and successful kennels. Criteria to be invited is not publicly available until qualified kennels have been announced.


All prizes for tournaments are paid out shortly after the final race of the tournament according to the prize schedule which can be found in the results tab of the selected tournament lobby.

Important: All prizes are paid to the owner of the hound as recorded on the NFT contract at the time the prize is won, not specifically the kennel that entered the hound. For example, if you entered a hound in to a tournament that wins a prize, but sold the hound prior to the result, then the new owner would receive the prize

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