Strategic Allocation: Ensuring Long-Term Value and Growth for $FROTH Holders

Finite Supply

The $FROTH token has a finite supply of 1 Billion tokens. The allocations are as follows:


  • 20% of the total supply is allocated to the ICO.

  • Any portion not claimed during the ICO will be reserved for future fundraising.


  • 15% is designated for liquidity on exchanges.

  • Starting January 5 2024, a portion will be listed on Uniswap (V3) in a $FROTH and Matic liquidity pool with a minimum ratio of 0.01 : 1.

Existing Investors

  • 10% is earmarked for current investors of Muzzle Run.

  • There is a 12-month lock-up period starting January 1, 2024, followed by a 12-month release schedule. (Total supply will take 24 months to be released)

Future Investors

  • 10% is set aside for future Muzzle Run investors.

Existing Employees

  • 5% goes to current Muzzle Run employees.

  • This allocation has a 12-month lock-up from January 1, 2024, and then a monthly release over the next 12 months. (Total supply will take 24 months to be released)

Player Airdrops

  • Five percent of the total supply is dedicated to rewarding the players based on their engagement and contributions within the Muzzle Run ecosystem.

  • The distribution will recognize early supporters across both established and upcoming games, honoring loyal users while also attracting new participants.

  • Airdrops will be strategically dispersed over the course of 2024 and 2025, with no lock-up period, to ensure the preservation of $FROTH's value as it circulates through NFT trades.

Muzzle Run Prize Treasury

  • A substantial 25% of the total supply is dedicated to prizes for events such as main tournaments, leagues, and other play-to-earn activities.

  • Release of funds from the prize treasury will be driven by the Matic revenue generated from minting, training, and other app-specific revenue streams.


  • 5% set aside for advisors and strategic partners. This is critical for obtaining expert guidance and forging partnerships that propel the project forward.

Marketing and Ecosystem Development

  • 3% dedicated to marketing, community engagement, and ecosystem growth. Vital for creating visibility and fostering a robust user base.

  • 1% earmarked for legal expenses and regulatory compliance, ensuring the project adheres to laws and regulations.

Contingency Fund

  • 1% reserved as a contingency fund to manage unforeseen challenges and leverage new opportunities.

For more detailed information on the prize allocations based on revenue, click here to read our 2024 roadmap.

Purpose of Burn Mechanism: We have incorporated a burn function into the $FROTH token contract as a measure to manage supply and potentially enhance the token's value over time. The decision to burn tokens will be considered under specific circumstances such as:

  • Excess Supply: If there's an oversupply in the market affecting the token's value negatively.

  • Promotional Events: As part of special events or milestones to incentivize engagement and participation within the Muzzle Run ecosystem.

  • Economic Stability: To ensure the long-term stability and health of the token's economy, especially in response to market dynamics.

This strategic approach to token burning is designed to align with the overall health and growth of the Muzzle Run platform, ensuring a robust economic model.

Adaptive Release Strategy: The release schedules for the entire $FROTH supply are not set in stone. We plan to adjust these schedules dynamically in response to the growth and size of our user base. This approach ensures that token distribution remains aligned with user engagement and the evolving needs of the Muzzle Run ecosystem.

This adaptive strategy aims to maintain the token's value and relevance, while supporting the ongoing expansion and health of the platform.

Community-Driven Adjustments:

Responsive Allocation Strategy: We acknowledge the importance of community input in shaping the Muzzle Run ecosystem. Therefore, we are open to adjusting token allocations based on constructive community feedback and engagement. This approach underscores our commitment to building a platform that resonates with our users' needs and evolves alongside the community's aspirations.

Our goal is to foster a transparent, responsive, and community-focused environment, ensuring that Muzzle Run continues to thrive as a collaborative and innovative gaming platform.

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