Breeders Mint

About Breeders

A Breeder is a type of NFT that allows you to breed new Racers by paying a breeding fee. Breeders can't race, but owning one comes with more earning opportunities and unique utility. There are 107 variations to collect and a total of 10,000 available for circulation ever.

Mint a Breeder

  1. 1.
    Visit the Breeders Mint tab from the left hand navigation menu
  2. 2.
    Make sure Metamask is installed and configured to point to the Polygon network
  3. 3.
    Make sure you have at least 301 MATIC in your wallet to cover the mint fee and gas.
  4. 4.
    Click "BUY A PACK NOW"
  5. 5.
    Accept the MetaMask prompt
  6. 6.
    Wait for confirmation of your brand new sealed Breeder.
Note It can take up to 1 minute for your new Breeder to be minted. Once minted it can take up to 2 minutes to show in your kennel. The identity and rarity of your Breeder will be hidden until you open the pack which can be done from inside your kennel.

Breeder Benefits

  • Breed: The only way Racers can enter the Muzzle Run ecosystem is by an owner of a Breeder minting a new Racer. By owning a Breeder you can mint new Racers (of any rarity) for your kennel or to sell on the secondary market. For more information see Breeding.
  • Breeder Only Tournaments: At Muzzle Run we run several free Sit & Gos every month exclusive to owners of Breeders awarding Matic. A few times throughout the year we run main event tournaments exclusive to Breeder Owners awarding thousands of Matic per event
  • Breeder Utility: Breeders have a different utility depending on when they were minted and can be identified with unique collars and utility stamps on the view hound page.