All hounds regardless of rarity have the ability to be a champion racer by training. Depending on the type of training it can increase a hounds statistics permanently or give them a temporary boost. Every training session also increases a hounds Form stat, earns the kennel XP and mints a new random Rabbit.

Training Facts

  • The kennel must pay a training fee

  • Training for permanent statistical improvement can only be done a maximum of 5 times per hound (regardless of program)

  • Training a specific attribute can only occur if a hound has less than 98 points for that stat (view your attribute stat by clicking "View Card" inside your kennel.

  • Training a specific stat will result in a random increase guaranteed to be between 1 and 3 points

  • Training for a temporary boost is not limited

  • Training only takes about a minute and the results of the training can be viewed as soon as the training is over

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