Muzzle god Breeders

Breeders minted from 5340 to 5439

Identifying Preferences: If you have a Muzzle god Breeder and the selected Racer in your kennel for at least 14 days and have set the racers preferences, you can consult the 'gods' up to three times to see how well your chosen Racer matches the selected preferences.

NOTE: Once you've 'asked the Muzzle gods' and the above requirements are met, a number will be returned and displayed out of 15. The total of 15 breakdown as follows:

  • Distance preference = 1

  • Weather preference = 1

  • Track preference = 1

  • Rabbit preferences = 12 (one for each distance)

The total count of spins (times asked) for each hound will be displayed in the hound view page and the kennel view.

IMPORTANT: Certain hounds may not have a rabbit preference associated with a distance at all.

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