Kennel Champs 2023

24 Feb 2023 - 31 March 2023

Kennel Champs 2023 is a main event free to enter tournament. The tournament will award 3K Matic with the winning kennel receiving 1K Matic + flights and accomodation for 2 to Fiji* + the title of Kennel Champ 2023!


From 9PM EST on 21 March 2023 until 5PM EST 23 March you will be able to register up to 5 hounds in your kennel from the tournament lobby. Kennel Champs is an Open Class event and there are no restrictions on the type of Racer you can enter.


Users who have created a kennel on Muzzle Run prior to 22 March 2023 9PM EST can register up to 5 hounds into Kennel Champs. Every hound will run a different race every day (over 7 days) and accumulate points for their kennel.


Every race is created at random including conditions, distance, track type and participants prior to the tournament starting.


To play a Rabbit in a Kennel Champs, open up a race that your hound is scheduled to run in and click “Play Rabbit” as per the below image. Please note:

  • Rabbits played in Kennel Champs are burnt and not recoverable

  • You can only play a Rabbit up to 15 mins before the tournament race starts each day


Points are awarded based on the finishing position of the hound.

  1. 4 Points

  2. 3 Points

  3. 2 Points

  4. 1 Point

  5. 0 Points

  6. 0 Points

  7. 0 Points

  8. 0 Points

The kennel with the most points at the end of the 7th day of racing will be crowned Kennel Champion 2023, win 1,000 Matic and a trip to Fiji*

In the event of a tie the total time of all hounds that ran for each kennel will act as a tie breaker

Results & Prizes

Once the tournament starts kennels will be displayed in their own leaderboard that is updated after each race. There is no final for Kennel Champs. The kennel with the most points after the 7th day of racing takes home the prize.

  1. 1000 Matic + Trip to Fiji*

  2. 700 Matic

  3. 500 Matic

  4. 300 Matic

  5. 200 Matic

  6. 100 Matic

  7. 100 Matic

  8. 100 Matic

Important: All points are awarded and prizes are paid to the kennel that registered the hound. If a hound is sold mid way through a tournament, that hound will still accumulate points for the kennel that entered it.

* Trip to Fiji

Our team will work with the winner to arrange flights and accomodation for 2 to Fiji up to the value of 7,000 USD.

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