How To Train

  1. Visit the Training tab from the left hand navigation menu

  2. Make sure Metamask is installed and configured to point to the Polygon network

  3. Select the desired training session

  4. Select from available hounds. Note: If the training session is for permanent statistical improvement, only hounds with less than 98 points for that specific statistic will be available (provided they have not completed 5 training programs for permanent statistical improvement).

  5. Accept the MetaMask prompt

  6. Your hound will enter a capsule while the training is in progress

  7. Do not exit the page while training is in progress, it shouldn't take longer than a minute

  8. View the results of your training session

Note: The training results take effect immediately and can be viewed on Muzzle Run by clicking "View Card" inside your kennel, however if you wish to view them immediately on OpenSea then you will need to refresh Metadata

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