Muzzle League 2024

10 January - 13 December 2024

The Muzzle League in 2024 is poised to be a groundbreaking event in the world of Muzzle Run and Group 1 racing. It has been meticulously designed to offer a unique and exciting experience, distinguishing itself from the previous iteration and setting a new standard for competitive web 3 racing.

Features of 2024 Muzzle League

Quarterly Competition Structure

  • Fresh Starts Every Quarter: The Muzzle League introduces a structure where the year is divided into four quarters, each representing a new competition cycle. This approach allows racers to join at various points in the year and still have the opportunity to compete effectively.

  • End of Year Accumulation and Hype: While the quarterly structure offers regular opportunities, there is still a big emphasis on the end of the year. 20% of the total monthly Muzzle League budget is accumulated over the year, culminating in a final tournament where the top 8 hounds will share the prize pool. Every hound who has earned at least 1 Muzzle League point in 2024 will compete in this highly anticipated climax to the Muzzle League season.

Exclusive Emphasis on Group 1 Racers

The Muzzle League in 2024 is dedicated exclusively to Group 1 hounds, ensuring that the level of competition remains high and everyone racing for the biggest prizes in Muzzle Run have earned their spot.

Dual Leaderboard System

In 2024 the League introduces two separate leaderboards – one exclusively for paid races and another for overall performance, which includes both free and paid racing points accumulation.

Prize Distribution and Rewards

  • Quarterly Leaderboard: 50% of the Muzzle League budget is allocated to the top 16 hounds based on their paid racing Muzzle League points at the end of each quarter.

  • Quarterly Tournaments: At the end of each quarter a high-stakes tournament exclusive to the top 32 hounds based on their overall Group 1 Muzzle League points. The top 8 finishers in these tournaments are entitled to 30% of the quarterly Muzzle League budget.

In the event of ties for the top 32 positions, the Muzzle League ensures fairness by allowing all tied hounds to participate in the quarterly tournaments. To ensure the tournament entries are divisible by 8, non competitive bot dogs will be added to fill the remaining spots.

Enhanced Focus on Paid Racing

  • Revolutionising Paid Races: Starting from 10 January 2024, paid races in Muzzle Run will no longer use boosts, nor will they require the burning of rabbits upon entry. This is not specific to Muzzle League, it is across the entire Muzzle Run ecosystem.


Points are only accumulated for a hounds first 100 races in Group 1 per month (excluding tournament races). The 100 race limit is across both paid and free racing so it is critical a kennel strategically chooses the right type of race to enter their Group 1 hound depending on their goals. Note, while Group 1 dogs are eligible to race Group 2 races, they will not earn Muzzle points in Group 2 races.

Free & Paid racing

  • Winning a race (paid and free): 2 points

  • Placing in a race (paid and free): 1 point


Every month all Group 1 hounds are entered in to a tournament called "The Group 1 Riccarton Elite". In 2023 hounds could accumulate Muzzle League points by placing well in this tournament. In 2024 no Muzzle League points will be awarded in the Group 1 Riccarton Elite.


Muzzle Run will dedicate 10% of its monthly revenue from minting, breeding, and training activities directly to the Muzzle League's prize pool. This exciting development includes a new feature allowing participants and spectators to track the accumulating prize value in real-time. Starting from 10 January 2024, this information will be conveniently accessible in the Muzzle League tab on the app.

Key features of this real-time tracking system include:

  • Dynamic Prize Updates: The prize amounts for the various categories within the Muzzle League will be updated live. This ensures that participants always have the latest information on what they are competing for.

  • Visibility of Quarterly Prizes: The system provides detailed insights into the top 16 prizes for paid racing that are awarded every quarter.

  • Tournament Prize Tracking: It will also display the top 8 prizes for both the Muzzle League's quarterly tournaments and the end-of-year grand tournament.

  • Enhanced Transparency: This feature brings a new level of transparency and excitement to the League, as racers and fans alike can watch the prize pool grow over time, adding to the competition's intensity and allure.


The 2024 Muzzle League stands out as a pinnacle of racing excellence. It has been innovatively designed to provide a challenging yet rewarding platform for the best Group 1 racers. With its unique structure, inclusive policies, and a strong focus on both free and paid races, the League is set to be a landmark event in the racing calendar.

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