Class System - Whippets

Note: The class system is currently being trialed and is subject to change based on effectiveness and feedback

The Muzzle Run class system is designed for everyone to enjoy a competitive race experience regardless if they have a champion hound or just getting started. Hounds are currently grouped in to 4 different classes and progress through the first 3 classes based on their cumulative race performances. As a hound progresses through the class system, the perks and earning potential for that hound increase.

Class Points

Class points are used to determine whether a hound runs in Group 2 or 3 after their first win (if they haven't qualified for Group 1). Every un-raced hound starts with 0 class points regardless of rarity or training. Points are awarded or deducted according to the whippets performance in every race based on the following finishing places:

  1. +10 points

  2. +10 points

  3. +10 points

  4. -10 points

  5. -10 points

  6. -10 points

Note: No hound can drop below 0 class points

Class System Resets

Once Yearly Reset: Every hound will start with zero class points at the beginning of each year. This reset ensures a level playing field, giving all participants an equal chance to race to the top.

Group 1 whippet class points are also reset each year.


The Maiden class is for all whippets seeking their first win. A hound will immediately advance to Group 3 once they win a race. Maidens currently:

  • Funnel promising whippets who have shown some early success in to Group 3

  • Can qualify for tournaments

  • Can't enter paid races

Group 4

There is no Group 4 currently for Whippets.

Group 3

A hound qualifies to run Group 3 races when they have won their first race and do not exceed the class point threshold for Group 2*. Group 3 whippets currently:

  • Can qualify for tournaments

  • Can enter paid races

  • Can enter paid Sit & Go's up to 8 Matic

Group 2

A hound qualifies to run Group 2 races when they've met the class point threshold* communicated by the Muzzle Run team at the time. Group 2 whippets currently:

  • Can qualify for tournaments

  • Can enter paid races

  • Can enter paid Sit & Go's up to 8 Matic

Group 1

The most prestigious class hosting the very top echelon of Whippets on Muzzle Run. A hound qualifies to run Group 1 races by exceeding 200 class points. Group 1 whippets currently:

  • Can qualify for tournaments

  • Are entered into an exclusive monthly Group 1 tournament automatically

  • Can enter paid races

  • Can enter paid Sit & Go's up to 8 Matic

Once qualified by meeting the Group 1 class point threshold, Group 1 hounds remain in Group 1 until their hounds fall below 200* class points in which point they can race to get back into Group 1 by gaining more than 200* class points. Retirement: Group 1 whippets retire at the end of each year if they have participated in 1 or more Whippet Elite events. Whippet Elite is a register-able tournament, therefore it will be up to a Kennel to decide when to run their Whippet in the Whippet Elite tournaments.

*Class point thresholds are a floating number and may change as the number of hounds enter the ecosystem. Join us on Discord to stay up to date in realtime

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