The Ultimate Vegas Experience

Zab Judah Legacy Cup and Group 1 Riccarton Elite - May 2023

The Vegas Trip

Muzzle Run will pay for flights and 5 nights of accommodation in Las Vegas Nevada from 15th June 2023 for the player (and their friend) who wins the Zab Judah Legacy Cup and the Group 1 Riccarton Elite in May 2023. You'll have the exciting opportunity to watch the new show "Act Your Age" by the hilarious comedian Russell Peters and meet him in person. You'll also have dinner with Zab Judah as well as the Las Vegas fight tour, where you'll be shuttled to four legendary MMA and Boxing gyms for the ultimate photo op!

Zab Judah Legacy Cup Tournament

For every Zab Judah Breeder that you mint before 19 May 8am NZT, you'll earn a ticket to the Zab Judah Legacy Cup Tournament, where the winner will get the ultimate Vegas experience for them and a friend! The tournament will take place from 19 May 2023 to 25 May 2023. The tournament is an Open Class event, and there are no restrictions on the type of Racer you can enter.

You must register your hound to the tournament before 19 May 10am NZT

Group 1 Riccarton Elite

Another reminder of the biggest benefits going to the most elite hounds we have a special edition of the 10K Matic Group 1 Riccarton Elite tournament! It kicks off on 12 May 2023 and runs for 7 days. Every Group 1 hound is automatically entered. The winner takes home 5K Matic + the ultimate Vegas experience for them and a friend.


Both tournaments will run for 7 days made up of 6 randomly generated group races and a final where hounds earn points based on their finishing position (4 for first, 3 for second, 2 for third and 1 for fourth). The top 8 hounds with the most points after 6 races progress to the final where prizes are awarded based on the finishing position of the hounds in the final race.

In the event of a tie in points, the hound with the lowest time will advance

Randomly Generated means track, weather and distances are created at random

Trip Details

Our team will work with the winner to arrange flights and accomodation for them and a friend on 15th - 20th June. The Vegas experience dates cannot be changed due to logistics with the celebrities involved, however if you are unable to attend you may opt for 5,000 Matic payment.

You must decide whether you are taking the trip or the Matic before 1 June 2023 10am NZT

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