Breeding allows owners of Breeders to mint new Racers. Racers are bred at random according to a rarity percentage and delivered sealed for an owner to add to their kennel or sell on the secondary market.

Breeding Facts

  • Any Breeder can breed a hound of any rarity. For example a common Breeder can breed an extremely rare Racer.

  • Racers are bred at random. There is no way to predict the rarity bred next Racer until it is minted and opened.

  • You only need to own one Breeder in order to breed a Racer.

  • The identity and rarity of a Racer is unknown until the owner of that Racer opens the pack. You can open up your newly minted Racer in your kennel or sell it sealed for the next owner to open.

  • Breeding has a fee which may change over time. It's one of the ways we protect the value of Racers on the secondary market.

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