Muzzle Run racing is an exciting game of skill that lets you enter your hounds in to virtual races against other kennels and earn Matic in the process. There are different race events including free racing (no prize pool), free racing (added prize pool), paid racing (prize pool) and tournaments (free to enter with prize pool). You can find a list of all race events open for registration as well as scheduled and resulted events in the Race tab from the left hand navigation menu.

Skill Factor

Muzzle Run Racing has been designed to ensure skill is the major determining factor in the long term success of a kennel. There are several different predetermined hidden preferences and factors that will determine whether a hound will likely run a fast race and it is a discovery process over time for a kennel owner to understand theses preferences in in order to enter each hound in to races where they are likely to perform the best.

Publicly disclosed preference types

A hounds' preferences will never change, however additional preference types may be added to increase the complexity and skill factor.

  • Race distance (Sprinter, Middle, Stayer, Marathon)

  • Track type (Hard, Soft, Wet, Muddy)

  • Weather conditions (Sunny, Rain, Cloudy, Snow, Hail)

  • Hound + rabbit combination

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