In early January 2024 $FROTH will become the primary currency for all race, sit & go and tournament entry fees and prizes in the Muzzle Run ecosystem. All future games added to the Muzzle Run ecosystem will also use $FROTH for all game activities including minting, training, and entry fees.

A Finite Supply of 1 Billion $FROTH Tokens

$FROTH sets a fixed upper limit of 1 billion tokens, ensuring a controlled supply and fostering scarcity. This cap is designed to prevent inflationary pressures and maintain the token's value over time, providing a stable and predictable ecosystem for users and investors.

Essential Utility in Gaming and NFT Minting

The utility of $FROTH is a cornerstone of its value, as it is integral for participating in races and minting NFTs in our new games. This utility-driven approach ensures that $FROTH is not just a speculative asset but a crucial component of our gaming ecosystem, driving demand and enhancing the engagement and experience of players.

Matic Reserves to Back $FROTH Circulation

During the Initial Coin Offering, we prioritize the security of investments by maintaining Matic reserves equivalent to the amount of $FROTH in circulation. Priced at 0.01 Matic per $FROTH, this strategy is aimed at reinforcing investor confidence by ensuring robust backing for the token, thereby stabilizing its value and safeguarding investments prior to exchange listings.

$FROTH on Uniswap V3 for Enhanced Trading Experience

$FROTH will debut on Uniswap V3, a leading decentralized exchange, to provide our users with seamless token swapping capabilities on 5 January 2025. This integration ensures transparent and efficient liquidity management, facilitating easy and secure trading experiences. The presence on Uniswap V3 not only underscores our commitment to decentralized finance principles but also provides our users with a trusted and user-friendly platform for managing their $FROTH assets.

ERC20 Standard

Our smart contract is based on the ERC20 standard, incorporating OpenZeppelin's recommended functionalities and best practices. This ensures the contract aligns with high standards of security and compatibility inherent in OpenZeppelin's frameworks, while maintaining the core features of the ERC20 protocol. The contract is verified and can be publicly accessed for review on Polygonscan.

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