Race Types

Note: Some race types will burn your Rabbit card, but you will always be advised before hand.

Free - No prize (practice)

These races are available 24 hours a day and the volume is determined by the number of active users. They can be used to discover your hounds different preferences. They affect a hounds class points, racing statistics and can be used to increase their form statistic. Rabbits played during these races are not burnt and can therefore be played an unlimited number of times.

Free - Prize (Breeder Owner Only)

These are special racing events that don't cost Matic to enter, but award a prize pool. They are available intermittently and always announced in our Discord general chat as they happen. They are available to owners of Breeders only. For more information on Breeders see Breeders Mint. Rabbits played during these races can only be played once and are then burnt.

These are race events that allow you to pay an entry fee that will contribute to the total prize pool of the race and awarded to the top 3 finishers. You need racing funds in order to enter paid racing.

The entry fee and associated prizes increase as a hound moves up in class. See class system for more information.

Currently Muzzle Run does not take a commission on paid races, so the entire race entry fees paid by kennels are allocated to the prize pool. This may change in the future, but you will be made aware before changes occur.

Note: As long as Muzzle Run does not take a commission on paid races, there is no affiliate commission awarded either.

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