Power Up Breeders

Breeders minted from 1787 to 1887

Speed Boost: Breeders minted between 1787 to 1887 allow you to boost your kennel once a month for 3 days. When your kennel is boosted all hounds will run fully speed boosted and will not burn rabbits for 3 days in boosted events.

In addition to the Pwer Up collar you will also be able to view a badge on the view page for opened and unopened hounds as per the image below.

Power Up Breeder Facts

  • You can activate your Power Up from inside your kennel once a month and the speed boost will run for 3 consecutive days.

  • While boosted, hounds will run fully speed boosted in races where boosts are available

Note: In order for the speed boost to apply the race must run while your kennel boost is activated. Your speed boost is not activated at registration time, but rather race start time.

  • While boosted you will not burn Rabbits when entering paid races or tournaments

Note: Unlike the speed boost, this is determined at registration time. Any registrations during your Power Up period will not burn rabbits, regardless of when the race is scheduled to jimp.

  • Your Breeder must stay in your kennel for at least 30 days for the Power up to be effective (unless you are the first receiver/minter).

  • Your Racers and Whippets must stay in your kennel for at least 30 days for the Power up (speed boost) to be effective (Unless you were the original opener of the hound)

Note: You can see how long your hounds have been in your kennel from the My Kennel tab under the hound name. If the time is not stated then the hound will still be eligible.

  • You can see whether a Power Up Speed boost was used once the race has run inside the racing lobby underneath the kennel name.


Q: When my Power Up is activated, do I still need to toggle on "Apply Boosts" in the registration lobby? A: If activated, your Power Up will add speed boosts to your hounds in eligible races regardless of whether you toggle on "Apply Boosts". If you have any speed boosts loaded to the hound, they will not be consumed. Note: if you wish for other boosts such as acceleration or endurance to be applied, you should always toggle on "Apply Boosts".

Q: How will I know if a speed boost was used? A: Once a race has run look for the "Kennel Boosted" tag underneath your kennel name next to your hound.

Q: Does the 30 day hold apply to new Racers I breed? A: No. Hounds that start in your kennel are not subject to minimum holds.

Q: What about hounds that are bred for me by someone elses kennel? A: The 30 day hold period only applies to opened and raced hounds. If you breed or receive a new hound and it has not been raced then it will is eligible to be boosted with your kennel boost

Q: Is there any difference between a normal paid speed boost and a hound that was boosted with a Power Up Breeder? A: No. They have the exact same attributes and effect. If your hound states that it was Kennel Boosted in the race lobby, it would have run exactly the same race if it had a regular speed boost.

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