Reward Breeders

First 1,500 Minted

10% of all app revenue generated by training, breeding and Breeder mints are distributed to every Breeder that was part of the first 1,500 minted. The owner snapshot is taken on the first of every month at 10AM NZT and rewards are sent shortly after. This is passive income deposited in to your registered wallet just for holding your Breeder.

Note: all 1,500 Breeders eligible for the reward have now been minted. If you purchase a Breeder on the secondary market that was one of the original 1,500 minted you will still be eligible for the reward. You can see whether a Breeder qualifies for Breeder Rewards by viewing the card on Muzzle Run and looking for the "Eligible For Breeder Rewards" flag under the name as per the image below.

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