Coaches Mint

About Coaches

Coaches are a collection of NFTs that allow you to recruit (mint) new players. There is an uncapped number of Coaches.

Mint a Coach (as part of a team pack)

  1. Visit the Sport tab from the top navigation menu

  2. Make sure Metamask is installed and configured to point to the Polygon network

  3. Make sure you have at least 10,000 $FROTH in your wallet to cover the mint fee and a small amount of Matic to pay for gas.

  4. Click "BUY A TEAM PACK NOW"

  5. Accept the MetaMask prompt

  6. Wait for confirmation of your brand new sealed team containing a coach.

Note It can take up to 1 minute for your new Team (including your coach) to be minted. The identity and rarity of your Coach and Team will be hidden until you exchange your team pack at a later date.

Coach Benefits

  • Recruit (Mint): The only way Players can enter the Muzzle Run Football ecosystem is by an owner of a Coach minting a new Player. By owning a Coach you can mint new Players (of any rarity) for your club or to sell on the secondary market. For more information see Minting.

  • Attach to Team: Coaches can be minted and signed to a team. They will have an impact on the way the team plays as stated in NFT Types.

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