Training Credits

In order to train your hounds you must first purchase training credits. Training credits are stored on the blockchain inside the training contract and allow you to train your racer and mint Rabbits.

  1. Navigate to the "Funds & Credits" tab at the top of the left hand navigation menu and click "Training"

  2. Select the desired number of credits

  3. Click "Purchase" and approve the metamask prompt

  4. Your credits will be updated when the transaction has been validated. This normally happens within 1 minute, but can be delayed due to network congestion.

Note: The more credits you buy the cheaper they are. Use the drop down to change the number of credits and see the corresponding price

Burn Rabbits for Training Credits

Gold, Silver and Bronze Rabbits can be burnt in exchange for training credits. To burn your rabbits

  • Click "Your Kennel"

  • Choose Rabbits in the NFT type radio filter

  • Find your Gold, Silver or Bronze Rabbit

  • Click "Burn For Training Credits"

  • Approve the Metamask prompt

Your training credits will be displayed in the funds tab in about a minute and available to use for temporary and permanent training sessions. Training Credits received for Rabbit(s):

  • Bronze Rabbits: 1 Credit

  • Silver Rabbits: 10 Credits

  • Gold Rabbits: 40 Credits

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